Protecting Your Twitter Photos from Theft

feature-1Most of the private individuals prefer to broadcast their every moves on twitter than facebook and that includes posting all your photos such as meal for the day, “selfies” and the likes, doing so might allow yourself to harmful online activities such as photo theft. Here, we will discuss on how to protect your photos… Read More→

How to Protect Your Twitter Account while using it in Business?

feature-2Twitter is one of the best sources of web traffics as a form of social media marketing, therefore using this as a part of your business tools would also give you no option but to interact with different users to sell your products or services, somehow you may still keep your account secured while doing business, here’s how…. Read More→

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

feature-3Twitter has been the most prominent micro blogging network recently. Each individual use Twitter whether to discover new relations, socializing, business, even politic. Indeed, even Jakarta is expressed as the most active city on Twitter. Although many people realize that Twitter is an open platform, some of the people don’t know that their tweets can be seen by anybody, anyplace on the planet, and can frequently notify complete strangers in respect to what they are doing and where they are going. Read More→